Here’s a short documentary I made about a truck stop in Williams, Iowa for a course in documentary film I took this semester at Macalester College in St Paul, Minnesota.

I think it’s pretty successful in some simple ways. I’m trying to make more films so tell me what you think if you end up watching it!


New music video for the song “Middle School Spacetraveliseasy”, a new song from the album “Hell on Earth 2013” which isn’t out yet either… 

Jeez, there’s only like 2 months left in 2013, better come out soon, I don’t know.

Late night music video for ‘lets have kids’.

I made it when I was on painkillers after throat surgery, so I was unable to talk or concentrate on certain things. But now that I’m getting better it seems like a pretty visually interesting take on the song.

Tell me what you think!

A new song!

On a compilation record by You Are Already Dead Records in Lawrence, KS! Thanks, Drew!

impressive findings 4/26/13

blasting purple rain so loud you can’t even hear it is totally different now that it’s warm outside…does anyone know if the movie is any good?

impressive findings 4/22/13

i just figured out that when einstein discovered gravity the catholic church tried to stop him… and originally it wasn’t called gravity, too?

impressive findings 4/19/13

i just figured out peter griffin does all the voices for the family guy, very impressive

Here’s the best song from an album I made the other day.

If you listen, thanks for listening!

comic comedy oh

comic comedy oh

mark trails

mark trails